Criminal Justice Attorney in Greenville, SC

To help you address the issues that may arise after an arrest in Greenville, SC, you may want to consult with a criminal justice attorney. When you call on me, Mark Foster, Attorney at Law, I'll do my best to prepare and present a defense on your behalf.

Support and Guidance

I provide local representation to my clients and can explain the elements of a state or federal crime that you've been charged with and discuss any associated penalties. In order for you to have a better idea of the state's evidence, I can file discovery motions on your behalf. I can investigate to uncover any exculpatory evidence that may benefit your case. To see if the state is amenable to a plea bargain in which some of your charges could be dropped or reduced, I'll strive to negotiate with the prosecutor in charge of your case.

When you retain me, Mark Foster, Attorney at Law, you'll receive personalized service from an attentive lawyer. If you'd like to speak with a criminal justice attorney who can protect your rights in Greenville and the surrounding area, call my law office today.